Grants & Projects

Animalandia Clinic, Loreto, Baja California Sur Fishcamps, Baja California Sur Fishing panga for Marisol's family
Spanish translation of Loreto, Baja California; First Mission and Capital of Spanish California.
Alexis to U.S. for medical assistance
Transportation for Marisol
Children of Internado of Loreto Baja California Sur
Bus for assisted education, Loreto Baja California Sur

Diebenkorn book
Cowboy Island book
Supplies to SCRI
SCRI Saddle Museum
SCRI Campo del Norte
Cantina Vieja restoration
Arlington Springs, Santa Rosa Island
Architectural study SRI
Radio tracking whales
Animalandia Municipal de Loreto:
Assistance in forming an NGO, procuring donation of land, and raised the funds to build a free spay and neuter clinic to control the domestic animal populations in Loreto, B.C.S., Mexico.
Provided organization with a car to pickup animals

Rural communities and fishcamps of Baja California Sur:
• Quarterly food drops to most needy families.
• Vehicle for medical emergencies.
• Enrollment of deaf girl in Rancho Sordo Mudo, and assistance to family in keeping her enrolled.
• Panga and motor to deaf girls' family to make a living.
• Base radios and panga radios to panga fishermen.
• Assistance to families with handicapped or disabled members.
• Genealogy study of early families of Baja California Sur.
• Medical evacuation and help for 8 year old Alexis Amador.

Internado of Loreto, Baja California Sur:
• Educational scholarship grants.
• Establishment of Ann & Don O'Neil Loreto Education Fund, (OLEF) to provide yearly scholarships.
• Spanish translation of Loreto, Baja California; First Mission and Capital of Spanish California.

Santa Cruz Island Foundation:
• Grant to publish Cowboy Island (Santa Rosa Island) by Gretel Ehrlich.
• Grant to publish Richard Diebenkorn and Carey Stanton, A Private Collection.
• Partnership in construction of the Cantina Vieja island winery museum.
• Partnership in construction of the lower winery Island Agricultural Museum.
• Partnership in construction of island saddle museum.

Channel Islands National Park:
• Historic Architectural Buildings Survey of Santa Rosa Island.
• Stabilization and continued maintenance of historic line cabins on Santa Rosa Island.
• Professional assistance to boating division of CINP.
• Continued maintenance of historic Campo Del Norte on Santa Cruz Island.
• Professional assistance in marine mammal census studies.

Aeromedicos, Baja California Sur:
• Assistance in logistics and translating at free clinics.
• Donated car for visiting doctors at free clinics.
• TMRE supports the efforts of Aeromedicos providing assistance to rural communities and fishcamps.

Rancho Sordo Mudo:
• Grant of sports equipment to assist deaf students in Mexico.

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum:
• Grant & Cosponsorship: All Eight Channel Islands exhibit.

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History:
• Grant to support the Arlington Springs archeological research on Santa Rosa Island.

Hollister Ranch Conservancy:
• Educational program sponsorship grant.

Central Coast Aquarium Society:
• Grant for Education Outreach 2000, Avila Beach, California.
• Grant for Education Outreach 2001, Avila Beach, California.

Asistencia Educacion Superior en Ligui y Ensenada Blanca:
• Grant of computer lab for students.
• Grant of oceanographic gear for field studies and aquaculture support.
• Grant of 45 ft. vessel for aquaculture support, and marine park assistance.
• Grant of school bus for students to attend computer lab.
• Grants for student field trips.

Community of Ligui/Ensenada Blanca, B.C.S.:
• Assistance with sustainable fisheries projects.

Guadalupe Island, Mexico, Expedition 2000
• Provided logistical support and professional assistance to the Mexican scientific community, San Diego Museum of Natural History, and the Endangered Species Recovery Council.

Los Angeles Natural History Museum:
• Donation of crustacean collection from Revillagigedos Islands and eastern tropical Pacific.
• Donation of isopod collection from eastern tropical pacific, and Sea of Cortez.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden:
• Donation of botanical collections from islands of the pacific coast of Baja, and the Sea of Cortez

Have Mule will Travel:
• Assistance and logistical support for Mule Deer study on Cedros Island, Baja California.

School for Field Studies, Beverly, Massachusetts:
• Professional assistance in finding location for accredited Center for Marine Mammal Studies in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Island Packers Floating Classroom
• Floating Classroom educational video for free distribution in schools.
• Matching grants to schools.
• Sponsorship of the No Child Left Inside marine education program.

American Cetacean Society:
Assistance in establishing gray census observatory sites on Santa Cruz Island.

Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary:
• Assisted in formation of Los Marineros education project.
• Gray whale radio tracking study in CINMS and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.
• Sponsored field day for students and teachers on Dive support Ship demonstrating ROV technology.

Foundation for Horses and Other Animals:
• Grants to do research and to preserve the Heritage Herd horses of Santa Cruz Island.

Grupo Ecological Antares:
• Donation of Computer
• Donation of educational videos, and publications
• Donation of hydrophones
• Professional assistance in marine salvage

Northwest Food Strategies, (now SeaShare):
• Grant to develop strategies to reduce waste in the Bering Sea Fisheries.
• Awarded first ever experimental fisheries permit to retain prohibited species bycatch for free distribution to the nations foodbanks.
• Worked with the fishing industry and government agencies to reduce bycatch.

Hubbs Sea World Research Institute:
• Study of effect of natural oil seeps on gray whale migrations.
• Population biology study of Orcas in Southeast Alaska.